Reiki is a Japanese healing art where life force energy, or ki, is channeled through the practitioner and shared with the recipient through gentle touch and/or hands hovering over the body. This practice is meant to bring balance, healing support, and deep relaxation to the body.

I have been certified at Sacred Space Astoria in New York.

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  • Reiki can be a spiritual practice, and is not associated with any religion.

  • Sharing Reiki flows in one direction, like water from a faucet. I will not receive your energy.

  • Reiki is not a medical practice and should never be used in place of medical care. Reiki may offer relief during medical care.

  • After Reiki, treat yourself the same way you would after a massage - hydration and rest, when possible.

  • Recipients are fully clothed during sessions.

Questions? Reach out!

I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

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