Michelle R. Lehrman

200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Schwinn-Certified Spin Instructor


January 2022: I have unfortunately sustained an injury and will not be able to teach my spin classes through January. I cannot wait to be back!

1/17/22: Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the #BettyWhiteChallenge class! We donated to Social Tees Animal Rescue and Cunucu Dog Rescue!

5/22/21: We donated $350 to RISE by Sundara in May. Thank you so much to everyone who came to class and donated!

5/17/21: Based on new CDC recommendations, masks are no longer required before and after classes.

5/3/21: The traditions and heritage of yoga come from India, and so I have committed to supporting RISE by Sundara in their time of need. The Sundara Fund is fundraising for emergency COVID relief in India. I was so happy to donate $175 following my class on Saturday, May 1st. I will donate all fees for my 12pm classes on Saturdays throughout May 2021.

4/12/21: Group fitness is back! My first regular classes at Crunch are on Sundays at 10am (Ripped Ride) and 11am (Vinyasa Yoga), at the Union Square location. I have also joined the teaching team at Yoga Spa Lounge 1881 and will teach my first class at 6pm tonight. As always, my schedule will be in the Teaching Schedule story highlight on Instagram.

2/21/21: All contributions to today's class went to Feed the People Dallas Mutual Aid. Thank you for participating - we donated $90!

10/2/20: I will be offering a FREE Zoom class at 7pm ET on Election Day. I hope I will be able to provide a healthy distraction before the polls close. The class will feature upbeat music, and you are welcome to bring your (non)alcoholic beverage of choice. I will have wine. The registration for this class is open.

I am very happy to be teaching socially-distanced outdoor yoga in Riverside Park. Check out my feature in I Love the Upper West Side and click HERE to register!
I’ve really missed taking classes at my gym these last several months—when it’s felt like I’ve needed the exercise, endorphins, accountability, and camaraderie more than ever. So I was intrigued when I saw on Nextdoor that Michelle was running a yoga class in Riverside Park. I’ve gone several times now and can say that she runs a terrific class that is very safely distanced (you can be even more than 6 feet if you want) and she really teaches to these times. Being in tree pose under the trees and under her peaceful instruction has helped me tune out some of the anxiety that is everywhere these days, and rejuvenated my love of the UWS by giving me a new routine in this new normal. -Margaret M.
I’ve been doing yoga in Riverside Park with Michelle for a few weeks now and I’m so glad to have found her! Classes are always socially distant and fellow attendees are pre-screened to ensure everyone’s safety. She does a great job adjusting to wherever you are in your practice and takes us through a custom flow to meet our needs. I’m grateful to have found such a kind, considerate and experienced teacher in the neighborhood. Highly recommend! -Luba T.


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