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Terri Barnett - Meditation

Terri is a Trained Mindfulness Facilitator and a Certified Meditation Instructor. She has led ongoing meditation sessions and workshops for top companies and startups.

Rooted in science and methodology, Terri has over two decades of teaching mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Terri supports her clients in creating focused moment-to-moment awareness by introducing science-based research to her teachings, and is guided by the biological and psychological effects of mindfulness and meditation, illuminating for her clients a more mindful approach to living a fuller life.

Terri is 500 Hour MNDFL Meditation Teacher, Vedic Meditation trained and 500 Hour Certified Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.

Terri is based in NYC and believes that life is a series of experiences – all of which we have a choice in how they transform our lives.


Lara Land - The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga

The Essential Guide for Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a comprehensive resource for teachers to understand the complex nuances of trauma and the subtle and overt ways it can present itself in our students. As teachers, we have a responsibility to serve the whole person and that includes sensitizing ourselves to the various ways that trauma lives uniquely in each body, how it influences the mind and perceptions and can affect one’s health and emotional wellness. Lara Land deftly provides the necessary guidance, insights, and best practices so that facilitators can support their students on their journey toward healing with more mindfulness, awareness, and skill. This excellent resource should be required reading in any teacher training course.

I have been a guest on Lara’s podcast, Beyond Trauma.

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